Poems in Russian

I read some poems in Russian. Selected a few dozen that my father sent me during the plague.

  1. 00:00— “New Year’s Eve” by Boris Ryzhy
  2. 01:00— two poems by Boris Ryzhy
  3. 02:51 —”A Winter Night” by Boris Pasternak
  4. 04:00—untitled poem by Sergey Gandlevsky
  5. 07:30—several by Lidia Zaozerskaya
  6. 12:00—”Neznakomka” by Alexander Blok
  7. 15:00—”Mirror” by Arseniy Tarkovsky
  8. 17:57—”From a Poet” by Arseniy Tarkovsky

Take a look at the limited edition folder of typed-out Russian poems with notes in English, illustrations, and collaged covers.